Gain CrtT back for every travel

Gain CrtT back for every travel


CryptoTravel's main goal is to create a secure and transparent system where holders can not only make a profit, but also earn crypto while booking a travel or accomodation and getting future discounts with our partners.

For every booking we are giving back 10% of the sum in CrtT as a Cashback reward. You can check the growing network of partners below. 

Cashback FAQ

  • Initially you can get 10% cashback if you use this function
  • You must use our website to make the reservation
  • You can choose from any of the services from our site (plane ticket, car renting etc.)
  • You will receive the cashback sum in our native token
  • You need to include your reservation code and fulfill it to receive the cashback
  • We will need your ETH wallet address as well, so you can receive the payment

Meet Our Cashback Partners.

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