Have a seat and enjoy your journey!

Welcome globe-trotters!

CryptoTravel is not an ordinary shitcoin as we are working on a complete ecosystem that combines NFT staking and passive income systems in a single token, all while providing significant discounts and ongoing cashbacks to our traveling holders!

CRTT is one of the most innovative Treasury tokens in the blockchain world. Treasury tokens are designed specifically for investors who take a long-term view and want to invest their money in stable projects. 

Holders receive a reward from the benefit of the amount that is constantly accumulating in the Treasury regardless of circulation.

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travel2earn ecosystem

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Earn to travel – travel to earn


Holder card

Enjoy the many benefits concentrated in this single NFT!


Travel wallet

The tool that takes care of the reward


Cargo hold

Get all the benefits of passive income


Pawventure NFT collection

A few nice and cute puppies who travel far and wide while earning rewards


A simple site that benefits both the customer and the service provider


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Our first NFT collection

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A few nice and cute puppies who travel far and wide while earning rewards

  1. We want to create a well-functioning and interconnected ecosystem behind our project.
    The different NFT collections will be an integral part of this system.
    The first of these will be a cute and cuddly puppy pack collection named Pawventure.
    They will make a mess and bark on their way all around Solana.
    This adorable product will come with several starting benefits and a lot of upcoming ones to please our investors.
    The owners of a Pawventure NFT will get a Whitelist spot for our token presale so they will be buy sooner than anyone else.
    In addition the lucky customers will get increased cashback when using the Cashback system!
    These little guys will be the protagonists of an upcoming blockchain game named Pawventure as they will function as Genesis NFTs.
    Of course we will expand the list of benefits in the future with occassional gift airdrops and access to limited edition products later on.
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Earn to travel - travel to earn

We all love to travel but what if you could get some of the cost back?

The Cashback system we already have in place was a very important goal and milestone in the life of our project.

What exactly does this mean?

When you book with our contracted partners through our website, you will receive 10% cashback in our own tokens based on the total amount of your invoices. 

The cashback is conditional on you booking from the links to the partners on our website!

For this, we will set aside and lock 10% tokens to fund the system and its rollout for a longer period. 

In time we will create a dedicated platform to upload the accounts so that you can use this service easily and conveniently.

The number of our partners is growing day by day. You can book travel, insurance, accommodation, flights or even a car with us!
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Travel Wallet

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The tool that takes care of the reward.

Summer is coming and you don’t know which beach to go to? Or would you rather go on an adventure in the Alps?

Join us and be one of the lucky winners who can make the dream holiday with our support!

One of the cornerstones of our project is our 4 different prize draw wallets which allow you to win free travel grants of up to $1,000 at a time!

How does it all work?

A percentage of each transaction (Travel fee) adds to this wallet: 0,5% on sales.

The prizes are awarded simultaneously in four tiers ($100/$200/$500/$1000), which can be funded by four Travel Wallets which are equally funded by the Travel fee.

What does this mean in practice?

The four wallets will therefore fill from the travel fee at the same time, but obviously, the $100 wallet will be fully funded much sooner than, for example, the $1000 wallet. 

By the time the largest wallet reaches its maximum, the smallest wallet will have been drawn 9 times.

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Holder Card NFT

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Enjoy the many benefits concentrated in this single NFT!

Are you traveling less and therefore not taking full advantage of our Cashback system?

Maybe you are looking for a passive source of income with relatively little risk?
We’d like to offer you our multi-legged passive income earning bonus system.

This NFT-based discount card will be issued to our holders, but can also be purchased by an external investor.

In addition to discounts, these cards also play an important role in prize draws, as they function as a quasi-ticket. The investor participates in the draws multiple times depending on their NFT’s quality and quantity.

The NFTs, with their many convenience features, will be available at a range of prices:

Red $50
Purple $100
Golden 150$

The Red NFT card will give you double the chance of winning in the prize draws, the Purple NFT card will give you four times (4x) and the highest value Golden will give you six times!! (6x) chances!!!
So, to clarify: the holder’s wallet will be included in the draw as many times as the NFT it is entitled to.

In addition, it will also be the source of the passive income mentioned above, which can reach up to 120% return per year!

The owner will be entitled to 10% of the price of the NFT purchased each month in our native tokens.
This is always a fixed amount, which will be credited at the current exchange rate.

The amount of NFTs purchased will be transferred to a dedicated NFT Luggage Wallet and will accumulate there.
In addition, to the monthly return of 10% mentioned above, 50% of the profit accumulated in this wallet will be rewarded to the NFT owner.

However, we would like to continue to help our long-term investors, so it will be worthwhile for them to hold both our tokens and the NFTs.
Why is it worth holding both NFTs and tokens for the long term?

The remaining 50% of the return in the Luggage Wallet will go into a so-called Loyalty Wallet.
All NFT holders who have at least a 0.25% wallet stake in our tokens will be entitled to a share of the amount accumulated in the Loyalty Wallet every 6 months, provided there has been no sale in that wallet.

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